Qalovis | From trash to cash.

From trash to cash.


The Q-PowerGen biomass solids CHP uses remarkable and unique technology.

With our plant you will be able to use woodchips and pellets of a variety of qualities and origin as well as other biofuels in order to produce electricity and heat.

Recycling resources with unique pelletizing technology optimised for biogenic waste.

The Qalovis pelletizer is the efficient solution for utilisation / processing of dried animal faeces. Also available as the Qalovis Twin-Pelletizer system - with doubled output.

Profitable waste processing for operators of biogas facilities.

Qalovis's intelligent solutions offer you the potential within the fermentation byproducts of your biogas facility - through adequate dehydration and efficient pelletisation.

Great economical benefits e.g. for agricultural livestock farming businesses

The Q-PowerGen biomass solids CHP benefits e.g. especially piglet breeding or pig fattening businesses with a constantly high demand for heat. Learn more...

Recycle resources.
Reduce costs

The Qalovis pelletizer is a cost-effective system addition –
for the agricultural industry as well as for other types of processing / applications of biomass.

Electricity and heat from biomass! From trash to cash. Qalovis's smart technology can do both. Get your information here...

On our website you will learn how to utilize our products to the economical benefit of your business.

Company profile

We are the specialists for intelligent biomass concepts and technologies, which give our customers a variety of advantages: Qalovis products like the Dryer, Pelletizer and Hygienator make it possible to use available excess heat efficiently all year round, reduce storage demands and to transform disposal costs into additional income.

For example with the Qalovis Pelletizer, our customers can access additional sources of income by selling animal manure or fermentation residues pellets as organic fertilisers or litter … read more

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